EHR Design Mockup - Oct 1 2018

EHR Design Mockup - Oct 1 2018


This series of posts is the latest electronic health record (EHR) user interface (UI) design interface mockups as of October 1 2018.

At AMPATH we are in the process of expanding our point of care electronic health record system. It currently serves primarily HIV clinics and around 100,000 patients.

The system needs to grow beyond HIV to meet the needs of community Primary Care Systems (eg diabetes, hypertension, mental health), through to tertiary hospital consultative clinics (eg. Cardiology, Endocrinology, Neurology, etc).

In order to meet the needs of expanding the user base and system requirements the goal is to create mockups of a future end goal that is a unified product. Essentially, we need to build a full service EHR.

October 1, 2018 - Mockups

On October 1 2018 I presented some concept mockups to the OpenMRS community. The goal is to start a conversation around the designs, tear them apart, and when we have a framework that we are satisfied with start building towards the new interface. If this can be a project greater than just the AMPATH development team, that would be even better.

The mockups should be considered only a ‘slice in time’ - as of October 1 2018. There are many things about them I dislike already, and that need to be improved. Do not consider them the final product, but a place to start discussion. In addition the focus on them has been functionality, not aesthetic design - this can be fixed after.


A high resolution copy of the presentation is on YouTube of the EHR design mockups is below.

If you would like to see the original presentation on Oct first 2018, that was recorded as a screen capture, that separate video is listed here.

The presentation is also available as text posts with accompanying slide images. Those posts are index below.

I look forward to any feedback on these ideas.

AMRS Presentation vs4 FINAL - slide deck summary.074.jpeg
EHR Requirements: Many different users & devices

EHR Requirements: Many different users & devices

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