The Musk Emails: The Definitive Collection

The Musk Emails: The Definitive Collection

I've tried to collect all of Elon Musk's leaked internal e-mails into one place. They provide some insight into his approach to management and leadership. 

If you only read two items from these series consider:

A.  The major themes are summarized in this post

B.  The best emails I've added an asterix

Index of Elon Musk Emails

Sorted by date: newest to newest

Note, these are not the original email titles. I've added the titles to keep them straight in my head.

*** Progress, Precision, Profit ***
April 17, 2018.  This is my favourite email to date. It summarizes Elon's email & management style.  It is the one that prompted this series and has lots of great management advice.  ***

** Communicate Directly **
August 30, 2017. Musk trusts his employees, and wants them to speak directly with each other in order to get the job done. Managers should be bypassed. Managers who create silos will be fired.

Lead from the front
June 1, 2017.  Managers need to lead from the front line and understand first hand the concerns of their employees.

Paint the Vision
Prior to April 27, 2017.  Addressed to German Tesla factory workers, Elon is upfront about the company's vision and management style

Facts Over Propaganda
February 23 2017.  Elon demonstrates that claims about safety, compensation, and work hours by the United Automobile Workers about Tesla are false.

** On Integrity  **
September 28, 2016.  Tesla vehicles are not to be sold to anyone at a discount rate. Musk reinforces honour, integrity, and the importance of customer trust as the businesses foundational values.

Financial Transparency
August 29, 2016.  Elon Musk is transparent about Tesla's anticipated financial losses, and uses this to as an incentive to help drive a profitable next quarter.

Acronyms Seriously Suck
May 2010.  Clear communication is essential.

Questions about the emails

Who actually wrote the emails?

I don't know. Most emails were 'verified' by the original news organization as having been sent by Elon to Tesla. Some emails (such as the April 2017 (Progress, Precision, Profit)  & September 28 2016 (On Integrity) clearly sound like something he typed.  Other emails, particularly the longer ones addressed as rebuttals to the Unions have a slightly different voice to them and perhaps there was assistance in their drafting or review.

Who are the emails addressed to?

This is good question. Some emails are specifically addressed to factory works. Other emails are addressed to Tesla more broadly. There is some theories some some emails may also have been addressed to 'the public and shareholders' indirectly with the anticipation that the email may be leaked to the press.

Major Themes

from Elon Musk's emails, are compiled here

Audio-Video Call Mixup

Audio-Video Call Mixup

The Musk Emails:  Major Themes

The Musk Emails: Major Themes