Raised & Horizontal Elevator Buttons

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Raised Elevator Buttons

I came across a number of elevators in the Netherlands where the ground-floor elevator button is raised and outlined in a different color.

This is a great idea. It is

a) quick to identify

b) does not require any 'writing' on the panel to identify ground-floor

c) is a good work around for the variation between buildings and countries in numbering which floor is ground (G, vs 0, vs 1, vs Lobby vs Main).

d) accessible to visually impaired

Horizontal Elevator Buttons

This horizontal elevator button panel by KONE is in the luggage elevator in the Amsterdam Airport.

Placing the buttons horizontally allows each button to be very large. This makes it easier to read and press the correct button from far away - in this case while reaching over luggage carts.

It is not possible to keep the buttons the same size and stack them vertically. If placed vertical the top button would be too high and the button button too low.

Horizontal elevator buttons are an interesting and underused configuration.

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