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A recommendation, they display some of their data visualizations use circles. It is difficult to compare the area of different sized circles side by side.  It would be better if rectangles (of similars widths) aka as treemaps (see Wikipedia article) were used to display the areas instead.


American consumer spending trends over 75 years 

This is a really important chart. It shows the breakdown of Americans spending over the last 75 years.  

I'll write more on this later, but consider which categories have a 'track' in place to drop the expenditures in this category. Education, going digital - yes. Food production, lots funding into this - yes. Transportation, lots options on horizon - yes.

Which categories have no solution on the horizon to drop the cost? Housing. Why is this a problem - take a look at the 75 year trend.

Note: This chart is for individual spending. Many of these categories have third party payers that are not accounted for here. Such as education (government), or healthcare (government, or insurance).

Consumer Spending Trends in America  |  from

World Map of Drugs & Medicine Exports 2016

79% of the world's market share of drugs are exported out of Europe.

Central America, South America, Africa, and Oceania together only manufacture 1.8%

From a global healthcare supply chain this creates problems with lack of redundancy and lack of manufacturing capacity in the global south.

Where Does Your Medicine Come From?  |  from

Individual value of customers as percentage of company's market cap

If you take the company's market cap, divided by their active users; we see Alibaba and Amazon have disproportionately higher individual User Worth (~$600-700/person) over Facebook and Google (~$150-180/perosn).

And don't forget, the value of Google and Facebook (currently) is based on their ability to exploit people's data & attention. Unlike Amazon and Alibaba which involve service transactions.

How Much You’re Worth to These Big Tech Companies  |  from

Governmental debt displayed per capita

Average OECD Government hold $50,000 in debt per capita.  Canada sits in the third ring of the insolvent.

Would be nice to see a chart showing the gap between debt accumulation and economic growth.

Visualizing Your Country's Unsustainable Debt per Person  |  from

World's Money Supply vs all of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Chart puts total money supply in perspective.

The Bitcoin Economy, in Perspective  |  from

20 Highest-Paid Musicians in 2015, Revenue by source 

Its known that most large music stars make their money from touring. But did you realize the amount of their touring profits equals 80%, 90%, and even 95% of total earnings. This chart from 2015's top pop stars.

How the World's Top Pop Stars Make Their Money  |  from

New Music & Concerts In Town: Feature Suggestion

New Music & Concerts In Town: Feature Suggestion

Optimize Amazon's Ad Retargeting

Optimize Amazon's Ad Retargeting