Audible: Include Table of Contents, Headings, Index

Audio version below as Youtube video, and also on podcast app under: Gregory Schmidt

Table of Contents, Headings, Index

Amazon’s Audible has dramatically increased the number of books I can read. (Not to mention its great new 3.5x speed function)

The major downside with Audible is that it is very difficult to understand the structure of a book.

A physical book (or even e-book) has a table of contents - you can skim through this.

In a real book each chapter has headings and subheadings - these can also be skimmed before reading the chapter.

At the end of the book is an index - and you can see the topics covered.

Being able to skim these components of a book greatly improves one’s understanding of where the book is going, and where in the book’s skeleton to attach new information.

Viewable In App

Within the Audible app, users should be able to read with new purchases:

  • The table of contents

  • Headings, and subheadings

  • An index - time stamped (rather than page-stamped linked)

As one listens, I’d like to know where in the table of contents & headings I am.

Downloadable Extra

Audible already supplies non-audio content (such as graphs and figures) from books as a downloadable extra with each audibook purchase. It would be helpful if the table of contents, headings, and subheadings were available for download as a single text file.

I’d like to be able to copy this text file into iOS Notes on my phone. This would make taking notes while listening to audio books much easier - as I could easily place the notes under the right headings and chapters.


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